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Business Type: Manufacturer
Trading Company
Main Market: North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Brands: higeneral
No. of Employees: >less than 50 People
Annual Sales: > US$ lessthan$1,000,000
Year Established: 2009
Export p.c: 50% - 60%
Company Description
                                              HIGENERAL NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD.


We supply the welding consumables including the Welding Flux, Flux Cored Wires, special welding electrode, ARC spraying cored wire. The flux cored wire also was used for the surfacing of important high wear-resistant anti-corrosion parts, ARC spraying coating, hard-facing repairing in the filed of Mining equipments, Crusher and mill, Power-plant, Drilling tools and digging blade, Metallurgical equipments and cast roller, Coal and Coke industry, Cement equipments, Engineering equipments, fan blade and loading machine and etc.


We could produce the welding consumables according to AWS, or DIN or JIS standard. Our products have high quality and competitive price. The welding consumables is suitable for theses welding processing  MIG, MAG,TIG,SAW, HAVOF,FCAW etc.


Welcome to contact with us and discuss with us for developing the high technology materials and general new materials.


Flux cored wire for mild steel and low alloy steel:

AWS A5.20 E71T-1; E71T-11; E81T-1;

Flux cored wire type E71T-1; -diameter of 1.2mm; 1.6mm;

Flux cored wire type E71T-GS; -diameter of 0.8mm; 0.9mm; 1.0mm;

Flux cored wire type YJ602Q; -for welding high tensile steel;

Flux cored wire type YJ707Q; -for welding heavy steel fabrication

Stainless steel Flux cored wire E316LT1-1; -for stainless steel;

Stainless steel Flux cored wire YJ309LT1-1;-for stainless steel;


Tungsten Carbide base welding Electrode for rebuilding:

Cast Tungsten carbide tubular electrode:

Designed for Oxyfuel Welding (OFW): Hardness up to HRC70;

Cast Tungsten Carbide welding electrode;

Designed for SMAW, Hardness up to HRC62;

Shock resistant Tungsten Carbide electrode:

Designed for rebuilding and Surface Repairing; hardness up to HRC55;


Flux cored wires for hard facing wear resistant overlay welding cladding:

Flux cored wire type 8253: -Use for hard-facing on the blower wheel and blade.

Flux cored wire type D4142; -for hard-facing on Spiral reamer and blade fan;

Flux cored wire CT100; -for repairing the hammer and crusher equipment,

Flux cored wire DG7; -for repairing the shield-machine,Drilling bits,teeth.

Above Welding cladding overlay hardness: HRC 52 ~ HRC 63;


Submerged ARC Welding Flux and Welding Wire:

AWS. A5.17. or A5.23. F7A0-EM12K; F6A2-EL8; F7A2-EM12K;

Agglomerated flux HF101G for welding the spiral steel pipe;

----- EN 760. SA FB 1 65AC; AWS A5.17 F7A4-EH14;

Agglomerated flux SJ301 for LPG cylinder steel body and pipe;

----- AWS. A5.17. F7A0-EM12K

Agglomerated flux SJ501; AWS F7AZ-EL8; F7A0-EM12K/EH14;

----- EN760 SA AB 1 76 AC. DIN 32522 B AB 1 76 10;

Agglomerated flux type LHSJ601 for welding stainless steel;


High Manganese oxide fused flux type LHHJ431;

----- AWS.A5.17 F6Az-EL12; JIS YSF42-W11;

Sub ARC welding wire: AWS. EL8; EM12K; EH14; EA1; EA2;


For detail request, welcome your detail inquiry to offer you the best and updated quotation.
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